Allusive Aftershock by Susan Griscom

4.6 out of 5 Stars – Young Adult Romance


Title: Allusive Aftershock

Author: Susan Griscom

Genre: YA

Publisher: Amber Glow Books

Release Date: December 18 2012

Editions/Formats Available In: Print and Amazon Kindle


What happens when a major earthquake changes life as you know it and the boy you thought you hated ends up saving you? Three times!

Courtland Reese is the guy everyone hates and makes fun of because … well, he is weird. He communicates with animals. Strange or interesting, seventeen-year-old Adela Castielle can’t quite figure out, but when he saves her from being trampled by her own horse, she begins to understand him a little better and wants to learn more about him.

But, Max—her best friend/dream guy/someday-to-be-her-husband-only-he-doesn’t-know-it-yet—hates Courtland with a passion. Adela wants to know why, except neither boy is talking.

When Max leaves her stranded in his parents’ wine cave with his worst enemy, Courtland, after what the experts are calling a “megathrust” earthquake, Adela starts to question her loyalty to Max as steamy kisses in a dark damp cellar only fuel her emotions with more conflict.

But does she really have time to worry about that when fire, destruction and mayhem surround her?

Excerpt 1:

With no electricity, I could barely make out the two figures standing by the door to the cellar. If not for the half moon, I would not have been able to see them at all. I stepped up to them and realized they were staring up at the sky and my eyes naturally followed their gaze. I had never seen such an awesome sight. Without any city lights for miles and miles, the stars in the sky were unusually bright and plentiful. A truly beautiful sight.

“Wow,” I whispered, standing between Max and Court. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Court’s focus change and he stared down at me. There was something strange about the way his eyes bored into me, as if he could see into my soul. I waited for him to look away but he held his gaze on me while I pretended to marvel at the sky. I’d never seen him stare at me that way before and I got nervous. My fingers fidgeted with each other and I clamped two of them in my other hand to steady them. If I hadn’t known better, I never would have guessed in a million years he had injuries. His eyes stayed fixed on me with an intense tenderness I had never seen from a boy before. Maybe Courtland Reese wasn’t so bad after all. Standing between the two of them in all their glorious hotness had my stomach doing flip-flops. I knew it was wrong to think these things under the circumstances, but maybe my mind just needed the distraction … or confusion. I loved Max, but I was beginning to like Courtland too. Man, I was in so much trouble.

 Excerpt 3:

“I’m so sorry, Adela. I’m so sorry.” His soft voice barely registered in my ear while he stroked his hand over my head, trying to comfort me. I didn’t want comfort. I wanted to find my mom. I wanted her arms around me, rocking me the way she did whenever I became upset or sick. My legs buckled under me, and I collapsed to the ground. Max held on and sank down with me. We sat on the pile of my broken home. “I’m pretty sure she’s not here.” He continued, “I think she went to Sacramento with your dad.”

I sniffled, hoping Max was right. I knew we couldn’t search through this on our own. I just wanted to try.

I don’t know how long we sat there while I leaned against Max’s chest—could have been a few seconds, could have been a few minutes. It felt like hours. I dried my cheeks with the sleeve of my sweater but couldn’t lift my head from the comfort of Max’s embrace.

I thought about how I’d just used my sweater to wipe my tears and nose and sighed as I sniffled. Speaking softly into Max’s shirt, I said, “My mom would cringe if she saw me do that. She’d say, ‘Adela, stop, get a tissue. You’re going to ruin your sweater.’”

“Ah, you’re right, she would. Are you going to be okay?”

“No, but what choice do I have? I can only pray she’s with my dad and they’re okay—and hope Ambrosia and Aaron survived. We need to find them.”

“Right. First let’s find something for your hand.”

“My hand?”

“Yeah, look.” He placed his fingers around my wrist, turning my hand over; blood covered my entire palm. I stared at my blood-soaked hand as if it belonged to someone else. “When did I do this?”

“You fell when you were running toward the sweater.”

“Oh yeah, right, I fell.” I shrugged. “There’s a lot of blood, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“It will once the shock wears off.” He found a small dishtowel under the ramshackle pile of debris in the kitchen area and wrapped the soft cloth around my hand, tying a knot at the backside. “That should be tight enough to stop the bleeding. Let’s go to my house. My folks can help us.”


5.0 out of 5 stars sad but a great love story, April 4, 2013
By Christin L. Alley –  Allusive Aftershock by Susan Griscom is a great book that will keep your attention through out the entire book. This story had its moments where I shed a few tears, where I laughed out loud, and some when a few means words were though. It is hard not to feel for her main characters as they are only children going through one of the worst disasters that could befall California. 
5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping story!!!, January 6, 2013
By TinaMDonnelly  – Wow what an emotionally charged story! I cried, laughed and cried some more. Allusive Aftershock is such a beautifully written story about surviving an earthquake and the aftershocks. It is also so much more. Allusive Aftershock is such a gripping story. I found the way Susan Griscom wrote this story to be very touching. I couldn’t help but get swept away by the turmoil these characters experienced and cry when they faced the realities of losing loved ones and fighting to survive a catastrophe of such magnitude. I think everyone should read this book!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Book, January 22, 2013
By Tammy Hall – What an amazing story! I loved every moment I spent reading Allusive Aftershock! I must say that this book is wonderful it is everything you would want it to be and more. Allusive Aftershock is an amazing book with such a gripping story of life itself. It was such a realistic story I found myself crying laughing and even yelling at the guys in this book. The realism of the story just blew me away at times I was so into the book that it felt as though this tragedy had really taken place and I was watching a news report on it. The characters are so strong and likable you grow so attached to them and it’s as though they become a part of you. 

I was just totally blown away by the story in Allusive Aftershock it was so detailed every scene was described so well yet left just enough for your mind to picture it and let the imagination flow to make the story your own. I have to say that this book is definitely on my list of top ten books I have read so far this year. I will for sure be making Susan Griscom one of my favorite authors. I will not give away anymore of the story but, I will say this if you haven’t read this book yet you need to make this one a must read on your list!


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